Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things on hold, what may planned in the future.

So it looks like this project will be on hold for a little while as I've gone into full speed developement of creating another voxel based project.  I'll be created a 3d version of my Black Shadow game.  Details will be posted on a new blog.

What does that mean for this project?  Well there were a number of setbacks from the beginning.  Although Evaldraw is perfect rendering wise, it's limited and wouldn't not make a very flexible engine to create this project.  This left me with two choices, use Voxlap or create my own rendering.

The latter is a challange in itself and I've attempted a few goes, but nothing close to being quick enough.

I had limited time to work on figuring out Voxlap's source code, but that may be a route I'll take in the future.

Another programmer was working on a voxel display engine, has started work on a GLBasic compatible DLL, but haven't heard any future results.  Last I saw it was displaying voxels, but it too had limits that would be too much for this project.

So in the mean time I'll still work on my Strip2Vox program for creating models for my voxel projects and plan on doing a Voxel To Poly for polygon alternatives.

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